How To Remove Blackheads

How To Remove Blackheads

Blackheads...ugh. Pesky pore-wrecking blobs of gunk that sap your skin's sparkle and oftentimes sap your confidence too. But what are they and how can you get rid of them? Read on, facial fans, to learn how to remove blackheads from nose pores. With our tips and recommendations, you'll have crystal clear skin and a confidence that comes from within!

What are blackheads?

Well, they're a PITA for one thing. From the moment you first spot them on your skin (no pun intended), it can feel like you're plagued by them. You're left sobbing into your micellar water wondering How On Earth This Happened.

But fear not! Blackheads are not as scary as they seem. They are basically bumps in your pores that appear when your  hair follicles become clogged with dirt and sebum. When the air hits those bumps, they turn black, in a process called oxidation.

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Gross! They need to go, like, now!

OK, well here's nose blackheads lesson #1 - don't squeeze! You've no doubt been fascinated by those *admittedly* highly satisfying pimple-popper YouTube videos (we won't judge). But picking, popping, and squeezing are sure-fire ways to make your pores inflamed, infected, and super-sore. Plus, you could be left with scarring. Not cool.

Natural Home Remedy For Blackheads

You could try a natural home remedy; a DIY face mask, paste, or scrub that can be whipped up using store-cupboard ingredients. You just need to steam your face over a bowl of hot water (careful now) to open up your pores before applying your homemade mixture.

Popular "recipes" include

  • Olive Oil and Brown Sugar: The sugar gently exfoliates away dead skin while the olive oil moisturizes and delivers a nutrient boost
  • Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar: The baking soda sloughs away skin, while the apple cider vinegar has natural astringent and antibacterial properties
  • Sugar with Jojoba Oil: Exfoliation from sugar and moisturization from jojoba, which is close in substance to our skin's natural sebum

While these all sound scrummy, they're such a hassle to mix up! And if your mom catches you raiding her kitchen, blackheads will be the least of your problems.

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Good point. So what can I use instead?

Facial Black Mask Product For Blackheads

Luckily for the Home Economics dropouts, we've created an awesome,  pore-perfecting blackhead removal mask that's a dream to use. Elegance Black Face Mask contains activated charcoal - your secret weapon in the battle against blackheads. You simply apply the mask to clean skin, let it do its thang, and then peel it - and all your pore gloop - clean away. Even stubborn dirt is removed thanks to the charcoal's magnetizing effect. *Woosh!* Soft, smooth, clear skin is yours (plus an oddly compelling sense of satisfaction during peeling).

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To maximize the power of your facial mask, you can try using  Elegance Facial Scrub first. It'll remove a layer of dead skin cells and a heap of blackhead sludge before you even apply your mask. Double-whammy or what??

We're pretty sure we've got you hyped up now for a night of pampering and peeling (why is blackhead extraction so darn satisfying...?) so let's see those before-and-after shots! Connect with us on  social to share your tips and snaps.

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