How To Maintain A Beard

How To Maintain A Beard

Okay, Guys. You know that growing a beard is the easy part. But do you know how to properly maintain that mask of hair covering the bottom half of your face? We didn’t think so. That’s why we have put together this list of tips to help you look your best when shaving your face bare is not an option. Let’s face it, most of us look better with a beard and it really is easier to take care of. No razor burn, no cuts and most importantly, your face stays warm all winter long.

Before We Get To The Helpful Part of This Article…

You know there are a lot of different beard styles, right? If you can grow a beard that looks thick enough to cover your chin and part of your face, you are well on your way. However, if you can’t grow a full beard for whatever the reason (we like to use genetics as an excuse) there are still some options available to you. A beard is not always a full beard. There are various beard styles and once you find the right one for your face shape and beard growing ability, then we can move on.


Finding The Right Style

Didn’t we just mention this? Well, okay. Here’s where a little bit of science and investigative homework comes into play. Maybe you don’t have a clue what style would suit your face best. It’s a common rookie mistake. You can ask friends, members of the opposite sex, the bus driver and the guy in the elevator and everyone is going to have a different opinion of what would look best hanging off of your face. So you need to do some looking around. It means observing male faces for awhile. You can do this in several ways. Magazines, social media, casual people watching and changing the channels on your TV are all going to put male faces into view. Try to imagine your face with whatever beard style you see. Then grow it. Goatees, long or short beards are your goal.


Shaping The Style

This won’t happen overnight, but you do have to give your face a chance to sprout into a hair garden. Once it reaches the length you are after, it is time to do some shaping. Shaping simply gives your beard contour. You know, it more or less creates the pattern that will end up covering your face. Since the shaping of your beard is crucial to the end product, you may want to have the first shaping job done by a professional. We’re talking someone in a salon. You could go to a barber, it’s up to you and dependent on your budget. Once you have your beard shaped, you’ll have to put effort into keeping it at that shape.


Trim It When Required

You know that once you get your beard shaped it’s still going to keep growing, right? A beard is a lot like your head of hair, toenails, fingernails and ear hair. None of them stop growing as long as you are willing to keep trimming them back. It’s one of the cruel jokes of Creation. Once you trim your beard you will be committed to do it regularly in order to keep the look that was created in the salon (or barber chair) so many days/weeks ago. Trimming is not hard if you have the right tools. Did we mention you were going to need some beard trimming tools? Our bad. You need some beard trimming tools and that’ll make the chore um, task a lot easier.


Spoil Your Beard

Well, if that awesome new beard of yours is getting you noticed to the point where you got the girl and the promotion, you need to show it some appreciation for what it’s doing for you. This means keeping it clean and tidy. You could just use any old shampoo on it but why would you? There’s a whole product line of beard care items out there. They were created just to make your beard continue to work its magic and maintain a level of awesomeness that only a well-groomed beard can do. We’re talking beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard growth oil and beard oil. Oils and conditioners will keep your beard smooth, silky and freakin’ awesome.


Comb It You Beast!

Probably one of the biggest mistakes guys make when they cover their face with hair is that they sort of, you know, skip or forget some simple grooming activities. In the case of your average beard wearer, combing tends to fall off of the radar once beard oil becomes part of the conditioning routine. This is where your comb can become the most important tool in your beard tool kit. By combing your beard you are doing far more than just making it look extra neat. What you are also doing is forcing the beard hair to grow in the same direction. It also (the combing action) improves blood circulation of the hair roots. Combing three times a day does not count as obsessive.


Eat The Right Beard Food

Okay, we are not talking about using your beard as a food filter. However, the food you eat will have some impact on the lushness and health of your facial hair. So if you’ve decided to go all Neanderthal you can give your beard an extra dose of goodness by added certain foods into your diet. The idea is to feed the proper proteins and nutrients into the body that will eventually find their way to all the hair on your body. Get used to leafy greens, lean meats, milk, egg yolks and nuts as your new snacks during the average day. Not only will they fuel your body with some great stuff, your beard will love you for it.


The Handlebars Are Falling Apart

Although we have been focusing entirely on the beard part of your face, unless the style you chose to grow was a chinstrap, you will also have a mustache as part of your facial party. Trimming it takes a slightly different approach than the rest of your beard. However, the same basic guidelines are the same. Use a gentle shampoo and beard conditioner on your mustache. You’ll want to pass on the beard oil but depending on the mustache style you chose, waxing may be a new part of your grooming routine. You may find yourself trimming your mustache up to three times more than your beard, but that’s all part of the gig when you let your face sprout into a forest of hair.


Something Nasal

Again, we have veered away from the beard to another zone on your face. You know how when the appetizer in a restaurant is great but the main course ends up being a dud? Well, it’s sort of the way things go if you put a ton of effort into keeping your beard looking its best but you forgo trimming your nasal hair. We know, it’s not pretty at any particular time but when it means you could find yourself up close and personal with someone special or crammed like sardines in the elevator on your way up to the office, your overall face requires attention just like your beard does. So, without getting too graphic, look for tools to add to your collection that will vaporize those nasty, stray hairs that grow like weeds inside your nasal passages.

Hormones, Family History Or Whatever

As we have pointed out, there are a lot of factors that can determine the thickness and overall success you are going to have in growing a beard. If the last two or three generations of men in your family did not grow one, there could be a reason. Otherwise, give it a try. If you don’t like the end result you can always just shave your face bare and accept the fact that you’ll never buy beard conditioner or beard oil ever again. Well, unless that happens to be beard growth oil you are massaging into your chin and cheeks. Hmmm, that could become the topic of another article. Ah, but we have veered yet again. Beards are fun. Beards are cool. Well, actually warm but they look cool. Beards are kind of like guy make-up as they can give you a new appearance. Okay, strike that make-up comparison. However, a beard can give your face a new look that it didn’t have before. So if you’ve never had one, why not give it a try? It’s only hair and you can always go back to the way your face looked before. Try doing that after Botox injections. See? Guys really do have it pretty easy, don’t we?

Mar 28th 2018 Elegance

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