How To Cover White Hair Instantly

How To Cover White Hair Instantly

What causes grey/white hair in people as they age (or at any age) is more than simple genetics. The hair does increasingly change as we age because the hair follicles that contain pigment stop producing the needed melanin. When melanin decreases in the hair, it will become more transparent like- to a grey or white.

Most people will try new hair styles and cuts to manage the grey/white hair. Men may cut their hair shorter and women may begin dying their hair frequently to avoid having to see the changes appearing in their hair. Over the years a man may embrace the changing hair and take on the interesting silver fox status and a woman may find a style that will both suit her age and sophistication.

If you have started to notice some slight color changes and are not yet comfortable with the impending greys on your hair horizons, then Elegance has the solution. It is a mild styling gel with a touch of tint that covers those unwanted grey/white hairs.

This styling gel not only finishes shaping your hair, it assists in concealing the undesirable grey/white hair. Style hair first and depending on the length and thickness of your hair apply the tinted gel to gingerly to cover the dry grey/white hairs. The black tint and subtle styling gel will last for the entire day, although excessive sweating activities should be avoided. The hold and tint are temporary and can be used occasionally or on daily basis. Elegance Plus Styling Black Gel is designed for both hold and a fast, daily solution for grey/white coverage.


Jan 16th 2018 Elegance

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