Hair Pomade Vs Hair Gel Vs Hair Wax

Hair Pomade Vs Hair Gel Vs Hair Wax

Choosing the best hairstyling product

A lot of men are giving the women in their life a run for their money when it comes to looking dashing all the time. Men have invested and made an effort to look their absolute best all the time and the comprehensive selection of men's grooming products on the marketplace is a testament that proves how serious they really are. It goes without saying that lots of men now spend huge amounts of their money on various kinds of 'male makeup products' and so on. However what seems to be the item that is receiving the most attention in the men's market is hair-styling products. Nobody wants to truly have a bad hair day, not even men. Now it’s not a problem because hair products designed for men with specifics for different hair types and styles are introduced to the market. The difficulty, however, is often knowing which product is most the beneficial for you or even knowing the difference between those that are available. Whether looking through the cabinets of a grand market in a mall or surfing around an online store, you will discover waxes, pomades, gels and frequently much more, which has made their place in the modern man’s life and are being used by men all around the globe. So, what is the difference between these different styling products and moreover, which is most beneficial? Below, we'll look into the difference between these three hair products for your convenience: 

Hair Pomade

Hair Pomade is something which is unrivaled in terms of the glamor and luster it offers. It is either wax or water-based, depending on the kind you need and your skin preference. If you have sleek, well-groomed hair, hair pomade is probably your best option for you. Nonetheless, it is also the hair product of choice for those wearing a ducktail, ponytail, and other hairstyles of the like. Pomade makes the base of the hair a little oily so that it is the perfect product for many who have naturally dried up hair. Pomade gives you great results, but you can alter the result by changing the total amount you utilize and whether you apply with wet or dried up hair. The product when applied on moist hair gives less hold with an increase of shine, but on dry hair, it gives it a great lift and less shine Pomade is usually petroleum-based and offers lustrous lift and shine, giving you the comfort of restyling your hair during the day. It generally does not wash out with water and is normally still left in the wild hair. This is actually the look favored by 'greasers' and the ones looking for the more traditional slick back. The recent development of water-soluble pomades allow users to receive the same greased and slick back look but it now can be removed with just normal water. Water-based pomades lack the high sparkle of petroleum pomades and can harden to a stiff finish. However, they are definitely more versatile and give you a more powerful control over your different styles. 

Pomade Pros:

  • Flexible: can work with all types of conditions. You can apply it to dry hair for a smooth and matt finish, or to damp/wet hair for that wet and sexy look.
  • Durable: unlike most products, pomade tends to stick to your hair and isn’t lost simply by sweating.
  • Hold: great hold with a strength of Medium to high.
  • Shine: adjustable in the range of Medium to high.

Pomade Cons:

  • Because of its oily texture, it can exacerbate acne.
  • If it is petroleum-based it can really stick to your hair, making it hard to remove.

To Work With: Apply a tiny amount of the pomade on your hand and warm it up by massaging your hands alongside one another before patting it on to your hair in the required areas. 

Ideal For: Pompadours, Quiffs & Slick Back Styles but can be utilized for a variety of other styles as well. 

Why Use It: Because It is the only way to provide that glistening, slick turn up look to your hair that is so adored. 

Hair Wax

Whereas pomade is best suited for those slicked-back styles, hair wax offers a remedy for many who want something which can actually hold a hairstyle still for a long while. Furthermore, for people that have naturally oily, wild hair, wax often offers a more suited solution considering that pomade can truly add extra grease to the hair. Whereas pomade remains pliable, the wax will most likely dry after a couple of hours. However, you can easily restyle until then. Wax is ideal for making a detailed appearance and accentuating your hair and can even be used to provide a spiky look, unlike pomade.

Wax Pros:

  • Doesn’t harden at all like gel which is one great use of this product.
  • Restyleable, especially if you wish to make different styles through the day.
  • Good for different hair styles and hair lengths as it can work on a variety of hair types.
  • Can be used for that messy look or a more professional appearance fit for the office.
  • Matte appearance perfect to pass off as a natural look.

Wax Cons:

  • Weaker hold as compared to some other products which can be a turn-off for many people.

To Utilize: Apply just as pomade, warming a tiny amount in your hands but always apply the product on a completely dry head of hair, never wet.

Ideal For: Most hair styles including spikes! 

Why Use It: because it allows you to create different textures and add a unique appearance to nearly every style.

Hair Gel

Few products have the ability to give a strong hold comparable to that of a hair gel, however, you're generally left with hair that is completely dependent on a gel and has an extreme tendency of being flaky. If you are looking for long lasting hair dos, the pomade and wax just won't do. However, the gel may be your only choice and there's the added profit that it'll rinse straight out with just water. You will discover gel available in both light and strong hold types and that your use depends totally on your own hair type and the style you're targeting. In most cases, the finer the hair, the lighter the gel you need to use.

Hair Gel Pros:

  • Strongest hold of a great number of products.
  • Flexible outlook, great for a variety of different looks and hair styles.
  • Wet look master, when applied on wet hair, gives you the perfect wet look that lasts.
  • As compared to pomade, it washes out easily making it great for daily use.

Hair Gel Cons:

  • Can make your hair hard as a rock which can be very uncomfortable, especially if you are new to it.
  • Prone to white flakes on the hair as it hardens, which can give an impression of dandruff.

To Utilize: Put a tiny dab of gel on your hands and rub thoroughly in your damp hair before styling.

Ideal For: Those styles which need maximum hold such as spikes! 

Why Use It: Because: No other product will offer the same degree of holding strength as some gels. 

The Verdict

Overall, pomade is the foremost all-around option for many styles considering that it provides both strong hold and shine, providing you with something that you can use in a diverse manner to create a number of styles depending on how you use it. Wax and gel both have their places and for a few styles, only 1 can do. However, if you are looking for sophisticated, hard to make style, it’s easiest to accomplish with pomade. With a variety of pomades available these days on the marketplace, you're sure to be confused about which to choose for yourself. Try choosing a couple and trying them out to find out which one works best for you. It never hurts to fill up with a few different types and trying them out until you will find the main one you love! 

All in all, each of these hair products has a number of pros as well as some downturns. Where one style favors the pomade, it may not be necessarily achievable with the gel or the wax. In the end, we reach the conclusion, that although a pomade is by far the ideal hair product to use for a variety of hairstyles, both gel and wax hold their positions. Each has its own indispensable function that cannot be fulfilled by the other products. Your choice actually depends on the style you are going for and your own preference. After all, you are going to wear the style for a large part of the day. You can only wear it with confidence if you feel comfortable and stylized!

Mar 5th 2018 Elegance

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