Hair Gel Alternatives

Hair Gel Alternatives

With so many hair products out on the market, it's really hard to decide which ones to use and what sort of result to expect. Add in all the different hair types, styles, and trends and we have now confused the issue of trying to choose even more. 

Hairstyle tastes vary from person to person so much. Some people like new cutting-edge styles with more sharply defined looks. These can take a lot of work to get styled correctly.

You want to make sure you’re using the right products to hold them in place all day. After carefully styling your hair just right, the last thing you need is a hair product that doesn’t do its job. Then there are the more natural looks. Whether someone has straight, curly or wavy hair, they are going to want it held in place throughout the entire day.

What Are Hair Gels

The modern type of  hair gel that we still use today has been around since the 1960’s. Granted, there have been many upgrades since then, but basically, it still does what it did back then. Hair gel lets you style your hair into pretty much any crazy or natural style you’d like. It holds it there, in place all day long.

Hair gel usually makes your hair shiny, sometimes giving it a “wet” look, like you just got out of the shower and ran a comb through it. Some gels are so strong that they feel stiff in your hair and can flake when it dries. This is definitely not an attractive look. It can cause little white flakes in your hair and on your shoulders, making you look like you have dandruff.

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Today, we are going to look into five other alternatives to using hair gel.

Hair Wax

Also referred to as pomade, can be applied to either wet or dry hair depending on the look you’re after. If you apply it to your hair while it’s wet, you’ll find that if give less hold but more shine. If you have curls and are looking for the “wet” look, this would help you achieve that. Applying pomade or wax to dry hair will give you a stronger hold and less shine. Hair wax will give you the ability to comb your hair during the day because there is no stickiness. You can reshape your style later in the day if needed.

Hair wax is available in hard hair gel wax or soft.  Hard hair wax will give you the most holding power. The soft hair wax will help hold with less structure. Either type will give you a natural, flake-free look with long-lasting hold and shine.

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Hair Cream

Hair cream is a non-sticky alternative to gel. This type of product produces soft natural looking styles with no residue. They won’t dry out your hair or leave it stiff feeling. Hair cream will not only gently hold your hair in place but also add some extra nourishment that all hair needs to stay healthy and naturally shiny.


Hair Spray

Hairspray will keep your style in place. It can provide a strong hold, volume, lift, and movement. It is fast drying and will hold your hair in place all day long with no sticky feel or residue.


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Hair Paste

Hair paste offers a strong pliable hold with a matte finish. If you don’t like that wet shiny look, this might be the product for you. It will help you add texture and thickness to your hair whether you’re looking for that messy look or a neat clean look. Pastes hold much like hair gels do but they are easier to work with, helping you to achieve the style you are after without flaking.


Hair Serum

If you don’t like the feel of products that “hold”, maybe a silicone based Hair Serum is what you need. This product will not hold your hair in place, but it will prevent tangles and fizziness while giving your hair a natural-looking shine and softness. A serum will provide your hair with some nourishment and protect it from sun exposure and pollutants. Hair Serums are different from hair oils. A serum will stay on your hair to add some protection whereas an oil will penetrate into the shaft, changing the structure of your hair.


Whatever hairstyle you are looking to achieve, there is a product available to help you do just that. Consider your options carefully and choose the one that will give you the results you’re after. Occasionally you may need to try a couple different ones before you find the right one. Look at the ingredients on the product. Find something that not only holds your hair in place but also provides some nourishment to keep your hair at its healthiest. Look for paraben free products from a company that has an excellent reputation.

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