Hair Fibers – What Are They & How To Use Them?

Hair Fibers – What Are They & How To Use Them?

The Easy, Instant Solution For Hair Thinning/Hair Loss

For a change, static electricity can be a good thing for your hair. Especially if that hair on your head happens to be thinning. We know, you’re probably thinking about the last time your hair stood out on end, and you didn’t think it was precisely the right look for you. Well, what we are talking about will most certainly make your hair stand out…and get noticed.

Shake Things Up With Hair Fibers

The key behind great looking hair, when you have only so much to work with, comes from being creative. Our hair building product is just that – a creative way to give your hair the appearance of being fuller and thicker. All you do to shake up your look is to shake these tiny hair fibers into your hair and watch how it will turn heads. Your hair will look amazing.

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What Are Hair Fibers?

These fantastic little hair fibers are made from the very same protein that exists in the hair already calling your scalp home. That protein is called Keratin, and we use the highest grade in our products. What adds to the effectiveness of these fibers is that they happen to have a secret power. Each one of them possesses a strong natural static electricity charge.

How Building Fibers Work?

The tiny strands of keratin protein are available in a wide variety of colors. All you have to do is find the one that matches your natural hair color the closest. Then after you have completed styling your hair, you either shake or spray the hair fibers underneath the spots you are trying to beef up and look fuller than they currently do. Static electricity does the rest.

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What makes this whole process so easy to do is that there is no need for any kind of goop. That’s gels or creams or any other slimy liquid that would be required to hold your hair fibers in place. Because they are so small and come loaded with a strong electrical charge, they will just sit right where you put them. They’ll even stay in place if you lead an active lifestyle.

Who Can Use Hair Fibers?

Guys, if your hair has pushed you to the place where you are resorting to that nasty looking and somewhat ineffective comb-over, hair fibers are your answer. Ladies, if you happen to have thin hair or your hair is thinning, you will find this product useful. Hair fibers are also great for individuals recovering from chemotherapy or other hair loss issues.

Hair Building Fibers Cool Facts

Hair fibers work within seconds giving your hair the appearance of being thicker and fuller because they quickly adhere to the surface of individual hair follicles. It does not matter what kind of hair you have, straight, curly, frizzy or thin. The fibers will work with all hair types and will blend in naturally and won’t even look unusual, even close up.

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Accessories To Choose From

In addition to the actual hair fibers, there are a few extra products available to make your new ‘do look as perfect as possible. They include sprays, spritzers, and tools to assist with application. We said it was simple and easy, right? Well, any time you have the right products and tools for the job, it gets easier to do each time and applying hair fibers is the same.

Hair Fiber Spray

You should already know that if you want to, you can just shake hair fibers into your hair. But why do that when spraying them can be so much more fun? That’s because spraying hair fibers all over your head is not only fun, it happens to be the fastest way known to mankind to get this job done. Microseconds will pass, and your hair will look fuller. Great for use by both men and women although we still aren’t sure who has the most fun doing it.


Hair Spritz

Even if you have the shiniest hair around, it doesn’t hurt to amp it up a touch. With our Elegance Hair Spritz, all you are doing is adding a soft and flexible hair styling hold to the job you already did in styling your hair. Plus, this stuff will make your hair glisten with a deep, daring and dynamic shine that could be blinding if you hold your head just right. The spritz is also a fast remedy for frizzy flyaways and best of all…there is no goop!


Hairline Comb

What good is a great head of hair if you can’t run a comb through it? Well, this particular tool happens to work like a magic wand of sorts. You use it to help create a natural-looking hairline on the front and side of your scalp when spraying or shaking hair fibers at your noggin. What you need to know most about this hair fiber line up tool/comb is that it will produce a realistic looking hairline where hair will appear fuller and thicker.


Hair Fiber Starter Kit

You know what a starter kit is, right? Well, you could look at this Elegance Hair Fiber Starter Bundle as your trusty starter or maintenance kit. That’s because it comes with all the do-dads and extras you need to fix your hair up to look like it used to before you started to lose some of it. In other words, this is your trusty go-to tool kit minus the toolbox. With all of the products that are included, you’ll be able to fix yourself up with the look of a great head of hair in just mere moments.

Hair fiber professional bundle

The hair fiber bundle includes the following items:

Brown and black hair fibers, hair fiber spray for black hair, hair spritz, a hair fiber pump spray, a hair fiber comb and a face protector so you don’t end up with hair fibers attaching themselves to your eyebrows or anywhere else on your face unless that is actually the look you are shooting for. This kit will take care of those emergencies when you are on a blind date or suddenly feel the urge to turn some heads into your direction.


The Bottom Line

Let’s face it, the only sticky situations you should have to deal with is when your hair fibers adhere to your existing hair with static electricity. And even those are minor when you consider how a fuller, thicker looking head of hair will make you feel. Experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem with just a spray or shake of our revolutionary hair fibers. You can thank us for changing your life later.

Jan 16th 2019 Elegance

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