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Everything You Need To Know About Keratin

Everything You Need To Know About Keratin

Reasons Your Hair is Begging for Keratin Haircare Products

Are you using keratin shampoos and conditioners? If not, you may want to take steps now to update your hair care arsenal of shampoos and conditioners. Keratin hair products like Elegance Refreshing Shampoo and Elegance Moisturizing Conditioner are salon-care products that can infuse hair with the protein keratin.

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What is Keratin?

Keratin is a fibrinous, naturally occurring protein that contributes to 89 percent of your hair’s structure. Think of keratin as being an enchanted protein that infuses your hair with strength and protects it from outside forces that can contribute to damaging its structure. Thus, it is responsible for the resiliency of your hair.

Keratin treatments have their origins in Brazil. They serve as a straightening process for those with curly or frizzy hair. Its been nearly a decade since the use of keratin treatments, commonly referred to as Brazilian blow-outs, took the hair salon world by storm.

Since the Brazilian blow-out craze, keratin products are now more popular than ever thanks in part to the removal of dangerous chemicals and compounds. Many men and women recognize the benefits these products can bring with proper use.

Benefits of using keratin infused products on your hair?

Using a keratin shampoo and conditioner can deliver a wealth of benefits to your hair. There’s a lot of rumblings within various hair care forums that using keratin on your hair may be damaging, but the science tends to disagree. The more you use these products, the more likely you are to see continuing improvements. There are numerous benefits to using keratin products.

Let’s take a moment to list a few of the advantages of using keratin products like Elegance Refreshing Shampoo and Elegance Moisturizing Conditioner.

What Are The Benefits of Keratin

  • Repairs weak and damaged hair
  • Improves hair growth
  • Strengthens hair with color
  • Reduces the risk of frizz
  • Improve manageability
  • Boost hydration
  • Improves hair volume
  • Restores vibrancy

Keratin Repairs Weak or Damaged Hair

Keratin is especially useful in managing hair that is brittle or experiencing damage. Keratin-based shampoos such as Elegance Refreshing Shampoo and Elegance Moisturizing Conditioner contain the protein that naturally fills the gaps in your hair structure. They can enter the shaft of your hair boosting the strength of your hair and dramatically reducing the risk of additional breakage and split ends after use.

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Keratin Improves Hair Growth

As a result of its capacity to strengthen your hair, keratin shampoos and conditioners can also help to improve the rate at which your hair grows. It’s no secret that damaged hair often contributes to hair loss or even balding. When hair is healthy and strong, it naturally grows at a faster rate.

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Strengthens Hair with Color

Keratin products are particularly beneficial for hair with color treatments. Hair color application can significantly weaken it, leaving it vulnerable to damage. Keratin products such as keratin shampoos and conditioners can help to protect hair color, keeping it from fading while simultaneously guarding the integrity of the hair structure.

Keratin Reduces the Risk of Frizz

Keratin shampoos and conditioners can do wonders for hair that is suffering from a case of the frizzies. The combination of keratin shampoo and conditioner coats your hair, smoothing hair and delivering a far more tame appearance.

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Improve Manageability

Keratin products improve the overall manageability of your hair which is essential to styling practices, hair growth and less risk for damage. Keep in mind that while these products will not completely straighten your hair as seen with keratin treatments, they will enhance the overall texture.

Boost the Potential for Hydration.

Keratin has a reputation for being drying to hair, but this side effect of a keratin shampoo or conditioner has more to do with the quality of the product more than the keratin itself. Products like as Elegance Refreshing Shampoo and Elegance Moisturizing Conditioner help to repair hair, enabling it to receive and retain moisture which is critical for hair elasticity.

Keratin Improves Hair Volume

Keratin naturally improves the volume of your hair. Due to its ability to reinforce the structure of your hair and allow for an improved rate of hair growth, keratin products can improve the volume and thickness of your hair. This quality can be especially meaningful for those who might have experienced hair loss with their last episode of hair damage.

Restores Vibrancy

Regular use of a keratin shampoo and conditioner can help to restore shine to hair that is currently dull and lifeless. The key to success lies in using both the shampoo and conditioner product. You could use one without the other –but you will undoubtedly lessen the powerful effects of these two things together.

Keratin Shampoos and Conditioners

Keratin shampoos and conditioners like Elegance Refreshing Shampoo and Elegance Moisturizing Conditioner are incredibly affordable for those who are pinching pennies. As your hair improves with consistent use, you may find you do not have to use as much product. These salon-style keratin products are safe for use at home and can deliver the same powerful results as you get visiting a professional at a salon.

By now, you are weighing the pros and cons of buying a keratin shampoo or conditioner. Should you or should you not invest in these products for your hair. You are a candidate for these products if any of the following applies to you:

Use Keratin on your hair if:

  • Hair damage
  • Your hair regularly comes in contact with chlorine-rich pool water or salt-water
  • Frequent use of heating tools for styling
  • Color treatments
  • Incurable frizzy hair

When purchasing a keratin shampoo or keratin conditioner, take the time to do your research. Your goal should be to use products that are only of the highest quality. Low-quality keratin products can leave hair feeling dry or crunchy, adding to hair damage rather than improving it.

In Summary

In summary, if your hair is experiencing damage, keratin shampoos and conditioners may deliver a wealth of benefits to your tresses. When choosing to use keratin-based shampoos and conditioners, choose those which are of the highest quality such as Elegance Refreshing Shampoo and Elegance Moisturizing Conditioner. Low-quality keratin shampoos and conditioners will not deliver the same positive results for your hair. These products will restore your hair improving the overall strength, vibrancy, volume, and texture. Keratin products are especially useful for those whose hair may frequently encounter unfavorable conditions or have to endure hair care practices that may compromise the overall structure of your hair.

Nov 28th 2018 Elegance

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