Coconut Oil Benefits For Hair

Coconut Oil Benefits For Hair

You Need to Know These Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Consider the coconut. The rich oil of this dreamy, creamy nut is trending right now: as a nutritious recipe ingredient, a tasty tropical snack, a skin savior, and - crucially - an effective hair repairer. The popularity of coconut oil has soared in recent years, thanks to an uptick in people seeking out natural beauty products and following a plant-based diet.

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But coconut oil has been consumed and slathered onto skin and hair for centuries by those in the know. So isn't it about time you cracked the secrets of this exotic nut? Discover why beauty lovers can't get enough of coconuts and learn the impressive benefits of coconut oil for hair

Coconut Oil 101

Where it Comes From and What it Does

Derived from coconuts (durrr), this lush and nourishing oil is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids. The oil is made from the white "meat" (kernel) inside the fuzzy shell of a coconut; you've likely seen big ol' jars of the stuff in the cooking oils section of the grocery store.

Coconut oil extract image with coconut oil product

Elegance Hair Serum With Coconut Oil.

Not only is coconut oil nutritious and delicious, but it also looks luxurious, smells divine, and, FYI, it's your hair's BFF - which we'll get to in a little while.

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So Why Put Coconut on Your Hair?

For a fresh, healthy scalp and a magical mane that glistens in the sunlight, you need to embrace the power of coconut oil. This natural, tropical wonder is packed with vitamin E and fatty acids that nourish and protect your hair and scalp. Coconut oil also helps remove built-up sebum from hair follicles which means your hair looks healthier in general. Seriously, how did you ever get through your #BadHairDays without it??

It Delivers Intense Moisturization

Coconut oil nourishes the skin on your scalp while delivering moisture to every hair strand and locking it in for long-term benefits. Flakiness and dandruff are kicked to the curb, while parched tresses are pumped with hydration that lasts all day.

It Effectively Repairs Breakage

Mother Nature's miracle can help repair damage and split ends caused by poor hair care, chemical treatments, and environmental aggressors, among other things. Plus, it encourages the growth of stronger, healthier hair that's more resistant to future breakage. 

It Creates Dazzling Shine

This heavenly oil makes dull, coarse hair shiny and soft, giving you glam, gorgeous locks to rival KimK's. It also conditions dry hair to keep it smooth and frizz-free, whatever the weather. No more poodle hair when it rains; no more frazzled locks when it's hot. Result!

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And There's More...

In addition to all of that incredibleness, coconut oil is loaded with something called lauric acid. *Pushes up glasses, 'cos here comes the sciencey part*... Lauric acid is a fatty acid that penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize, repair, and protect your mane from within. In turn, this helps reduce protein loss and, since hair is made of a protein called keratin, weak tresses become stronger and more resistant to breakage.

Need Further Proof that Coconut Oil = Hair Perfection?

This amazing oil also encourages hair growth and slows down hair loss. Wait, whaaat? Yep, you read that right: coconut oil hair growth heaven is an actual thing.

Does Coconut oil encourages hair growth?

Yes, hair shafts are basically tubes, and coconut oil does this amazing trick of filling out those tubes, which makes your hair look fuller on the whole. If your hair is fine or thinning, coconut oil can stimulate it to grow thicker and more luxuriant. If your hair is damaged or has split ends, coconut oil can protect each strand from root to shaft to tip, promoting longer, healthier hair that's full of vitality. We bet you'll look twice at the humble coconut from now on!

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair

Your TL; DR Guide to the Benefits of Coconut Oil on Hair

Skim through this checklist to see how coconut oil can save your stressed-out hair.

List of the benefits of coconut oil for hair

  • Repairs damage and seals split ends
  • Prevents breakage and smoothes frizz
  • Offers weather and pollution protection
  • Removes sebum build-up for a healthier scalp
  • Fights dandruff and flakiness on the scalp
  • Stimulates hair growth for longer, fuller hair
  • Conditions and detangles knotty tresses
  • Boosts shine and makes hair soft as silk
  • Literally smells like paradise!
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Convinced About Coconuts and Their Benefits?

OK, by now, we're sure you're crazy for coconuts and are wondering how to use coconut oil on your hair. Well, you could grab a jar of the white stuff from the grocery store, but that'd get messy so thank you, next.

Instead, try a hair serum enriched with coconut oil to get all the nourishing goodness with none of the scooping, slathering, and sliminess. Because hair care should be simple, right?

Luckily for you, Elegance has developed the *perfect* coconut oil treatment for drab, distressed locks. It's a smoothing, shine-enhancing, silicone-based serum enriched with multi-beneficial coconut oil.

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The divine blend is designed to restore your hair to its former fabulousness and maintain the results. Even better, it can easily be incorporated into your hair care regimen on the daily!

Elegance Plus Hair Serum with Coconut Oil is specially developed to smooth and soften dry, damaged hair while strengthening, detangling, and boosting shine. The transparent formula ensures a natural look and gleaming glossy locks. There's no stickiness or greasiness, just naturally nourished and insanely beautiful hair you'll love to show off in your selfies. Hellooo, Insta-fame!

Our coconut oil serum can be applied to damp or dry hair after washing and before styling to increase your hair's manageability and softness. It can also be applied post-straightening or curling to seal split ends, minimize fluffiness, and make your mane shine bright like a diamond.

All it takes is a dime-sized amount of this luscious serum to achieve all-day-long glistening shine and touchable softness! So now you're clued up on the tantalizingly tropical benefits of coconut oil for hair, you can achieve a look that's alive with exotic beauty! (P.S. the hula skirt is optional).

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