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2018 Haircut Trends

2018 Haircut Trends

Every time you walk through the door of your barbershop and sit down for a haircut, it’s likely that your barber asks you: “So how would you like your haircut today?” – With so many different styles available to choose from, it can be tough to determine what will be your best option. There are numerous important factors to consider about this question, including your hair type, lifestyle, and the kinds of hair products best suited for you.

Here are four of the trendiest hairstyles for men in 2018, with some additional information to point you in the right direction!

Comb Over Fade

A half way between an undercut and a comb over, with the sides very short (1/8 of an inch or shorter) gradually getting slightly longer (faded) towards the hair combed over on the top. The side of the head that the hair is pushed to is blended, while the opposite side is disconnected, often with a “hard part” shaved in between the long hair on top, and the shorter faded hair. This look is edgy while still maintaining a professional tone. Generally the hair on top with a haircut like this is shorter comparatively than with a comb over or an undercut, meaning that a stronger product is recommended for the best results. For this reason, pomade is generally used if you intend on having your hair very neatly styled even at such a short length. However, many men like to have their hair pushed loosely off to the side, resulting in a more spiked look, whole still having the hair purposefully pushed in a direction. For this, strong matte products like clay and putty are used the most. These kinds will give a matte finish that is more natural looking in many cases than pomades.

Comb Over

Not the haircut your grandfather sported – this style is the most requested haircut for men in many areas world wide. Simple, easy to manage, matches with a suit and tie or a pair of jeans and a V-neck. This style is blended from both sides to the top for a clean, professional look. This style can be accomplished with straight or wavy hair, and will work for most many hair types. While it is possible to achieve this look with very tightly curled hair, there are many other styles which are more easily maintained and groomed. This hairstyle can use just about any product, but very thick products like clay and putty may be difficult to work with. Other kinds such as cream and paste will be easier to work with for a natural look, while the use of pomades and waxes will add shine. Gel can be used with this style, but it often weighs the hair down dramatically. Most men find it is not the best product to use for this hairstyle, as they prefer a bit of height to their comb over!


In the last few years, this loud hairstyle become a highly sought after look. It involves very short sides which are disconnected (not blended) with hair that is longer on the top. Typically the sides will be no longer than 1/4 of an inch (and often much shorter!) with the top between 2.5 – 3 inches long. This type of cut is best suited for very straight hair. Strong hold gel may be the best product choice for a high shine effect if your hair is of a medium thickness and easily controlled. If your hair is very coarse and thick, waxes or pomades will tend to be a better choice to accomplish a similar glossy effect. If you are looking for more of a matte finish, Fiber products will have strong hold much like pomades and waxes, but without the shine.

Regulars Men's Haircut

This hairstyle is the basis of the majority of men’s haircuts. Simply put, it can be defined as being shorter on the sides and a little longer on the top, with the hair cut cleanly around the ears and back of the neck. Some other names for this style include “Crew cut”, “Caesar” and “Brush cut”, depending on where you live and who’s cutting your hair. The length of the hair on the sides can vary, but most men who sport this haircut will keep it between a #2 (1/4 of an inch) and a number 8 (1 inch) at the longest, so the style is still easily manageable. These kinds of haircuts work for all hair types (Curly, wavy or straight) and will always be fashionable for men regardless of the year. This style of haircuts doesn’t favor any kind of hair product specifically; but depending on your hair type and expectations, you’ll likely have a preference.

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